University relationship

On 01.12.2015 REH4MAT signed a cooperation agreement with Rzeszów University.

Rzeszów University

The main aim of the agreement is to enhance successively the partnership supporting knowledge and innovation transfer as well as help make our product more competitive.

The cooperation with Rzeszów University entitled us to take advantage of Biomechanical Analysis Department. Thank to that, our designers, physicians and physical therapists have opportunity to do specialist and advanced research on the effectiveness of our products. As a result, our customers and final users can be sure that all of medical devices from REH4MAT offer complies with the appropriate safety standards and their construction is characterized by innovation and efficiency.

The high quality of our products is represented by the fact that on the grounds of the agreement, the workers of Faculty of Medicine and Physical Therapy of Rzeszów University are able to teach students in orthopaedics on the basis of our devices. For many years, the students of physiotherapy have been able to broaden their knowledge in the field of orthopaedics and manufacturing of medical devices. Now, the students of medicine can join to that group and take advantage of REH4MAT products.

Under the agreement, the students of physiotherapy and medicine have an easy access to the technology of manufacturing of our devices. Moreover, they can do their own research on the effectiveness of orthopaedic braces and medical accessories. Undoubtedly, this kind of knowledge is helpful for the students when preparing documents to their thesis.