REH4MAT as a member of TECHNOMED cluster – Technology in Medicine


TECHNOMED – Technology in medicine was set up last year on the initiative of Rzeszow University of Technology, Rzeszow University, subcarpatian hospitals and companies involved in medicine or technology. As a leading manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and medical accessories, we have to be there as well! Advances and innovative technologies, that are a part of the production process of our devices, feature REH4MAT brand. Well-equipped facility enables our designers to create a custom-made device.

What is TECHNOMED for us? A great partner who supports the development of technology solutions in a range of designing new systems for rehabilitation for people whose range of motion is limited. The aim of TECHNOMED is also to implement tecnologies that influence positively on the quality of human life. We really hope that our membership in the cluster will enable us to upgrade the market of medical technology.

More information about the activity of cluster is available on the website: