What is Research and Development Center of REH4MAT company?

Nowadays, Research and Development Centers are getting more and more crucial in strategic prominence of each organization. For sure, having in our company the separate sector that is R&D Center, indicates the level of innovation as well as the technical sophistication.

R&D Center of REH4MAT company was set up at the beginning of the company existance. It manages to bring together the team of designers, bioengineers, technologists, physiatrists and doctors. The wide range of experts provides us the possibility to multidisciplinary research analysis of a medical device at the level of product designing. Our Research and Development Center is based on Management System Certificate ISO 13485.

First and foremost, our Research and Development Center takes care of comprehensive realization of technical projects, production as well as research the prototypes od orthopaedic devices. Before the product can be sold, it has to be well-considered and finally accepted by the proper units. That is why, all of the devices you can find in REH4MAT offer are carefully investigated and tested before they are launched to the market. One of the stage of research analysis is also clinical evaluation. In this way, we confirm that our medical devices are safe and effective. Clinical evaluation is the constant process, therefore, we collect information from our customers as well as experts in orthopaedic branch. On the basis of such feedback, technologists and designers introduce improvements and innovation solutions to our devices.

Thanks to that scheme, you can be sure that our product will reach your expectations.